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Pest/Bee Control

Slate Termite and Pest Control Services handles all of your pest and bee control needs. We are well versed in the field and utilize the most modern equipment. We can handle any job our client has — job size or difficulty is not an issue for our experienced professionals. For efficient, reliable, quality, and consistent service performed by utmost professionals, schedule your consultation today! 

Termite Control

Our team of professionals will rid your home of termites in no time. Slate Termite and Pest Control’s technicians are well versed with liquid, foam, and bait techniques and will create a tailored plan that fits the unique design and needs of your home. For a fast, quality, and safe solution to termite problems, give us a call!

Bed Bug Control

We know how stressful bed bugs can be and we are here to resolve those worries for you. Our team starts with an overall inspection of your home to fully assess your situation. We then treat you home, ensuring we get every bed bug without causing any harm to your home or family. Finally, we do a followup to ensure that your home is bed-bug free, for good.  

Retail and Office

Contact Slate Termite and Pest Control Service for all of your retail and office pest control needs. We are a team of professionals who work with the common goal of exceeding our clients’ expectations. Our professionals are highly trained and stay up to date with all the advancements in the field. For quality, safe, efficient, and effective pest control services, look no further.